The Power & Simplicity of RetailCore Billing App On Your Phone

Also suitable for making bills of products that cannot come to your sales, billing counter. Such as : ceramics items, furniture, building materials etc. Also use RetailCore Billing App for making bills at exhibitions, trade shows etc.

Get Our Android Billing Mobile App.

App Login for Employee Based on Work

Only user with permission to access billing mobile app can login and use app. You can stop access to app any point of time.

Based on the user licenses you have opted, you can do simultaneously billing on multiple devices at the same time.

Yes. We can provide mobile commerce app for Android and iOS as per your requirement. Contact us to discuss.

No. Billing Mobile App requires internet connection. Due to active internet connection, all records of billing, customers etc can autosync with your cloud server.

Mobile App screen showing barcode, QR code scan from phone camera

QR, Barcode Scan from Phone Camera

On Make Sales Bill screen, tap on Barcode Scan green button besides Search Item input box and it will automatically open your phone camera ready to scan barcode. Camera should autofocus and scan the item.

No. You can use your phone as a barcode scanner. You can scan your product QR, bar code directly from your phone’s camera and RetailCore billing app will retrieve details or products such as stock quantity, price, etc.

No. Barcode, QR scanner is built in our mobile app. No need for any other app to scan codes on items.

Yes. You can simply search item by it’s name, code or manually input barcode number and our app will lookup item details.

Build Customers Database

You can add customer name, mobile no., gender, email address, birth date, etc. However you can make some or all of item compulsory.

No. But if you require, you can set some details of customer compulsory.

On billing screen, you can search customer by his name or mobile no. Just enter few initial characters and on screen suggestion will appear.

Yes. After bill is generated, invoice with email can go to customer; SMS and optionally Whatsapp message.

Yes. From our RetailCore web app, you can bulk upload full details about customers. As well you can bulk download your customers details.

Go Paperless

We have a set bill format for A4, A5 and 3 or 4 inch thermal paper roll. If you require changes in bill format then please give details before placing your software order.

Yes. This is especially suitable for business with high frequency billing such as supermarket, grocery store or fmcg.

Fast Bar, QR Code Scan

Our billing app uses your phone camera to scan product bar code. In case your product has supplier bar code already then the same can also be scanned to search product details during billing.

No. You can search product by it’s name or product code. But with bar code scanning your save a lot of time and do fast billing.

Yes. During billing you can add your salesman or third party or agent to record sales done via him / her. Analysis of the performance can be done in reports section.

Multiple Payment Methods

Yes. You can setup payment methods as per your business requirements.

Yes. For a single bill, you can add more than one way payment made by your customer.

Review Bill Details

Yes. Provided your login has permission to edit or reprint bill then you can do so.

Yes. From RetailCore Web App, you can download as well as upload bill details in bulk using our template in excel, csv.

Easy to Use Billing Screen

We designed billing app that require few minutes of training to learn. It is super easy to learn.

No. Billing app works only with internet connection. All data of app is synchronized in real-time with RetailCore web version.

Yes. You can add salesman, agent name during billing. From RetailCore you can get analysis of sales by salesman or agent.

On Retail-time Data Sync with Cloud Version

All sales data on app is available instantly in retail-time at cloud version.

All sales data available in cloud version of software and can be exported to excel format also.

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