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Customer Referral Software is available as a cloud software and it is available as a standalone software or an integrated module with RetailCore Store version is available. Suitable for retail business, restaurant, consultancy services and more. Our software is very simple to use with minimal learning time.

Advantages for your business are:

faq-retailcoreLow cost way to attract new customers for your business

faq-retailcoreRetain old customers easily by keeping them interested

Questions you may have (FAQ)

If you business is to allow non-customer / agent to refer customers then our software can provide you agent registration, agent panel.
Agent can register with form and with your approval he can get access to panel. With agent panel, he can inform you about reference customer by submitting form, agent can see his points accumulated, agent can request points redemption. Our software will keep you informed automatically by email about new agent registration.

Our software will allow you to set points per customer reference; corresponding rupee value for each point; expiry date of points. After the customer makes a purchase you can add points to the agent’s account. Our software will keep you informed automatically by email about points added, redemption request by agent.

Referral software is used for various consumer oriented retail business, service business. In any product based retail business, gaining new customers is always important. Our customer referral software successfully works for any products based retail business such as garments, boutiques, gifting products, home furnishings, electronics, etc. In service sector some sectors using system are at restaurants, hotels, etc.

All the agent performance reports, referral history, points earned are instantly available. These reports are searchable, and can download to excel file.

Yes, a referral chain is created. To each customer a unique referral ID is provided (which can be also his/her mobile number). At billing screen, upon entering referral ID, points are added based on set logic. New customers can also become automatic member and a unique referral ID is assigned.

We can program our Customer Referral Software to work for N number of levels. By default one + one level. That means, existing customer can refer new customer and on purchase by new customer existing customer gets X reward and new customer gets Y reward.

Tax amount is not considered for referral or reward points calculation.

Yes. You can set expiry date for the referral points or amount. Before set number of days, points expiry alert can be sent to your customer.

Yes. Of course, you can set X% discount or reward points for first purchase and Y% discount or reward points for second purchase.

We can program our system to sent any customized alerts you want to sent out to your customers or to yourself also. Alerts can be sent by SMS or email or both. Some of the example of alerts that can be sent are : On successful purchase by referral customer; before points expiry; monthly balance points alerts; etc.

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