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Gangtok has preserved its tradition while keeping in line with the growing world. As tourism is the main source of income, the majority of its business revolves around it. Restaurants, cafes, handicraft shops, retail outlets, or hotels all are adapting to our new and convenient billing software for business growth.

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Success of Gangtok’s economy is directly related to success of small and medium business.

The economy of Gangtok, The capital of Sikkim.

Gangtok is the largest city of the state in Sikkim in southeast India. It is the headquarters of the East Sikkim district. Though the exact meaning of Gangtok is not known, the nearest meaning is ‘hill cut’. As the name suggests it is located in the lower Himalayas. 


The city is the center of Sikkim’s tourism industry. It is widely popular for hand-made Tibetan carpets and handicrafts, it reproduces the arts and culture of the city. Hand-woven jackets are must-have clothing. Its traditional tea is known all around the world.


Gangtok is the major source of Sikkim tourism. Summer and spring seasons are the most prominent time for tourism. Most of the businesses here are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism industry. With many residents occupying and working in hotels and restaurants.


Many of the growing hotel, cafes, and local retails enterprises are using POS or billing systems to ease the cash flow. The use of different Barcode or QR code softwares have provided the retailers with more time to spend on growth.


Lal Market and Mahatma Gandhi Marg (MG Marg) are famous industry areas and tourist spots. Ecotourism has occurred as an important economic activity in the province. It includes trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, and other nature-oriented activities. In 2007, a calculated 351,000 tourists visited Sikkim. It generated a revenue of about Rs 50 crore.


The Nathula pass tracked down approximately 50 km (31 mi) from Gangtok. It used to be the major route of the wool, fur, and spice trade with Tibet. It was an enthusiastic economic growth for Gangtok till the mid-20th century. 


In 1962, after the fence closed during the Sino-Indian War, Gangtok chopped down into a slump. The permit reopened in 2006 and exchange through the pass is foreseen to boost the economy of Gangtok. The Sikkim parliament was enthusiastic to open a Lhasa-Gangtok bus service via Nathula pass. 

One of the reasons limiting the area’s rapid industrial development is the lack of a train or air link due to Sikkim’s mountainous terrain. The government is the major employer in the city.

Gangtok’s economy doesn’t have a huge manufacturing base, though it is home to watch-making, the county made alcohol and handicrafts industries. The handicrafts included various handwrought paper made from several vegetable fibers and cotton rags. 

The primary market is providing rural people with a place to offer during the harvest seasons. Marwaris and Biharis have organized a personal business community. Gangtok celebrates the status of being an income-tax-free area, according to the 1948 Income tax law by the high court.

Sikkim is a border state, the Indian Army protects a large presence in the proximity of Gangtok. This leads to a community of semi-permanent residents who bring money into the local economy. Sikkim government started India’s first online lottery Playwin to improve government revenue which was later shut down by a decision from the Sikkim High Court.

Farming is a wide employer here. In 2003, the government announced restoring the whole sector to organic production. The goal of 100% organic obtained in 2016. This achievement offers modern export chances to expand the agriculture sector. It collects premium prices and new alternatives for agritourism.

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