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RetailCore is one of the leading POS software companies providing support to retailers in Bangalore. We have designed software to automate your retail business, be it a grocery store, clothing store, gift store,  etc with e-commerce website. There is a system to manage your business.


Along with the automation during sales, you can also use the software to manage inventory, stock, GST billing, and distribution. We provide easy to use POS software in Bangalore that will prevent theft, manage invoices, track orders, expiry dates, and much more.


You can also opt for barcode or QRcode software, inventory systems, or e-commerce software. We have software for your business needs.


Our work starts with providing you the best billing software for your retail outlet and runs until we solve all or any complaints or queries you have. We are happy to assist our clients whenever required.

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Success of Bengaluru’s economy is directly related to success of small and medium business.

The Economy of Bangalore- The Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and the heart of South India. Also officially known as Bengaluru. It is the third most popular city in India after Mumbai and Delhi. It has a total population of 12.3 million.

This city is the third fastest-growing city in India. It is one of the exclusive economic centers in India, having an economic hike of 10.3%. Bangalore has a Net District Income of almost 52 thousand crores rupees (11 Billion US dollars).

It is the fourth-largest FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) market in India. The majority of retail businesses use different POS or billing software to support their enterprise. They also use specially designed e-commerce, barcode, and QR code software engineered for their business type.

Bangalore is the third-largest hub for high net worth with a per capita income of 74 Thousand rupees (1.6K US dollars). Bengaluru participates in over 87% of the economy of Karnataka and contributes to 98% of the Software Exports of the State. The association and achievement of high technology companies in Bangalore lead to the growth of Information Technology (IT) in India.

Bangalore is popularly known as the silicon valley of India or the IT capital of India. It is moreover home to several start-ups and Indian tech companies. Many of the start-ups are adapting to the use of multiple store management and inventory management software.

Bangalore is the house for 40 percent of the IT industry discoveries in India. The city is the most favored for IT and other knowledge-based industries. Banglore’s IT and similar services account for almost 55 % of the state gross domestic product. It attracted the highest quantum of start-up investments at an annual average of US$4 billion in the last three years.


It’s high-tech and service industries involve information technology (IT), electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, biotechnology, food processing, automobiles, and banking & finance.


Bengaluru is the office of many social sector investments; for example, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).


Biotechnology is an immediately improving field in the city after IT and FMCG. Biocon is one of the nation’s leading biotechnology companies. It also ranks 16th in the world in revenues. The biotechnology industry retained admission to skill from the National Center of Biological Sciences (NCBS) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).


The city has capitalized heavily on the road and public transportation projects in the last ten years. It is also labeled the aviation monopoly capital of India. It reports for more than 65% of the aerospace business of the country. A 1,000-acre (4.0 km2) outstanding economic zone. for the aerospace industry is occurring set up near the Kempegowda International Airport.

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8 Heaven - Garments Shop in Thimpu Bhutan using Cloud Billing, Inventory Sottware
Rainbow Collective at Bengaluru
8 Heaven - Garments Shop in Thimpu Bhutan using Cloud Billing, Inventory Sottware
West End Clothing Store in Bangaluru
Sparck Naisargika - Organic food store in Bangalore
mSquare - multiple location retail garment store in Bangaluru
The purple pony in Bengaluru is using RetailCore Software for home decor shop
Playwish in Bengaluru is using RetailCore Software for toy shop
O'rgreencly in Bengaluru is using RetailCore Software for organic food store
Haasya baby store in Bengaluru is using RetailCore Software for kids shop

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