We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of growing retail business with warehouse, multiple branch or franchise stores. This software version is available for use as online software as cloud or offline as desktop software. Dedicated cloud service is required to sync data between stores. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplaces websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Product with Barcode
Product Damaged/Used
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
RetailCore Cloud Server
Order, Stock, Customer Data Transfer

eCommerce Website
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
Product Damaged/Used



Sell online! Our software version supports inventory management at your warehouse, multiple branch stores and sales from your ecommerce website (Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento etc.). Our software supports these types of ecommerce business models: business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C). Your ecommerce website can be extension to your existing store offering convenience to your customers, and can attract new customers or you are only an ecommerce business (e-tailer). Having accurate and real-time information about your business is very important. Coupled with Ecommerce software, RetailCore software provides reliable management of stock, pricing, location, variations, order management, fulfillment and returns.

Questions You May Have (FAQ)

I have multiple warehouse, multiple branch stores and I travel. How can you help me?

RetailCore Software is designed to support business having presence at multiple locations; having inventory at multiple locations; having sales done from multiple locations. You get data integrity! Our cloud version of software can be implemented to manage your multiple warehouse and multiple stores and importantly can be integrated with your ecommerce website (Shopfiy, Custom, Woo Commerce, Magento etc.).

I already have ecommerce website but I don't have software to manage inventory at my stores. How can you help me?

RetailCore Retail Store Management Software can be integrated with your current ecommerce website. Having this integration can automatically synchronize your inventory, orders, customers between ecommerce and retail software. This is very important for you as you do not have to then manage multiple systems. We will help you

  • setup RetailCore Software at your store
  • migrate inventory data from your ecommerce to retail shop software
  • setup barcode label printing at your retail shop
  • we can work with your ecommerce website developer for smooth integration with your retail shop software
  • provide full software usage training to you and your staff

I don't have ecommerce website. How can you help me?

We can help you sell online with a professional and easy to use ecommere website. We can design, develop and do technical maintenance of your ecommerce website. We also provide full usage training to you and your staff on product listing, order management, returns etc.

Can you provide solution to capture from my mobile app?

Yes, we can custom design and develop mobile app that can be used by your customers to place online orders. Mobile can work on Android and iPhone devices.

We provide home delivery. What solution do you have to track home delivery or oders?

We have a delivery tracking solution which has three components : 1) Delivery Tracking by Admin 2) Delivery Boy Mobile App 3) Customer Confirmation.
When you receive order, you can assign order to delivery boy and assign COD if any. Delivery boy will get alert on his phone and will pickup order. Order status will change to pickup and "Out for Delivery". On reaching to customer's location, OTP will be delivered on customer's phone which on input by delivery boy will confirm delivery and on payment collected (in case of COD) will confirm "fully paid" status or order. As admin you can know instantly how much payments collected and pending from delivery boys.

I want all my order from e-commerce website and mobile apps to get consolidated centrally into your software.

Yes. All your orders from various sales channel such as physical shops, e-commerce websites, mobile apps will be automatically synchornized. Also your inventory, customers details will be consolidated centrally and this will all happen automatially.

What are the charges of your ecommerce website?

Ecommerce design and development depends on your exact requirements. You can share the reference websites you like. Let us have a discussion. Please contact us.

Do I need my customer data from ecommerce website to manually add at retail store?

With our omni-channel sales management feature, data between your ecommerce and retail store software gets automatically synchronized. So you save a lot of time in manual entry. Provide better customer service, for example: when your customer made from your ecommerce store visits your store for shopping, her/his contact data, purchase history are already availabe at your store software too.

What if I loose internet connection at my shop?

Don't worry. As your data is on the cloud server, your ecommerce business will not be down due to loss of internet connection at your shop. We recommend you to opt for cloud version of software to manage your shop for faster and accurate synchronization of data.

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