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Understanding the business might be hard, but managing it is harder. We realize the importance of your time hence, RetailCore POS software not only standardizes the billing process but also enables you to manage inventories and branches.

We have billing solutions such as the QR code, barcode, e-commerce, single or multi-store management, and inventory management systems. From the cash counter to product management, all get covered.

It is complete Point of Sale software for the  automobile accessories, spare parts, sports and fitness shops, retail-shops, grocery stores, multi-clothing outlets, etc.

Our aim is not just to deliver the best POS billing system to our clients but further to provide them with the best services. If you have any queries after or before the purchase, we are happy to assist.

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पुण्याच्या अर्थव्यवस्थेचे यश हे थेट लघु आणि मध्यम व्यवसायाच्या यशाशी संबंधित आहे.

Success of Pune’s economy is directly related to success of small and medium business.

The Economy of Pune – Cultural And Historical Capital Of Maharashtra.

Pune is also known as Poona/Puna. It is the fifth fastest metropolitan economy. It is the sixth-highest per capita income in India. The main sectors of the local economy are information Technology(IT), manufacturing, and education.


This city is an industrial area. The economy of Puna also has a significant agricultural factor. It is an educational center in the state of Maharashtra. The students arrive from all over India and beyond to visit many colleges and universities. As per 2016 statistics, almost five lakh students came from across India to the city. 


It is one of the largest human capital and economic development engines in India. The graduate workforce of Pune has activated an IT revolution in the city. A majority of the leading IT companies in the country have their presence in the town. Making Pune the second-biggest software center in the country.


Apart from education and technology, the place is also known for fine dining and clubbing. The food industry is without a doubt one of the leading industries in Pune. Restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs management software are used by the locals for the smooth functioning of their billing and inventory system.

It is the most profitable start-up goal in the country with more than 400 restricted start-ups. The Kirloskar Group is India’s fastest planters and exporters of pumps. And the widest infrastructure pumping project contractor in Asia.


Automotive companies like Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra, Skoda cars, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen have set up facilities near Pune, dominating this independence to clarify Pune as the Motor City of India.


The Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park is a ₹60,000 crore (US$8.9 billion) plan by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) in Hinjewadi. It has seven demonstration centers, a lot of conference centers, a golf class, a five-star hotel, a business complex, shopping malls, and housing. The US$ 115 million agendas were expanded by the Pimpri Chinchwad New Town Development Authority.


Pune is known as a city with a developed waste management system. The calculated daily waste production in Pune is 2,000 tonnes (730,000 tonnes per year). It is required to rise exponentially with the large population increase and goods consumption. Even after the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020-2021, it comprises a general market of $42 million for re-use products (fuel, fertilizer, and water).


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