Barcode Scanning Systems for Inventory Help Small Businesses Turn Bigger Profits

barcode inventory system

When it comes to inventory and warehouse management, every single part of a business’s process needs to be functionable and dependable. If a business’s barcode system is down for even a minute, that could result in a substantial amount of lost revenue.

RetailCore Software’s barcode inventory system is both functional and reliable, meaning that business owners can rest assured that their barcode scanning system will retain its fully operational status at all times. Not only will RetailCore be reliable for business owners and their employees, but it is also simple to learn to use, and easy to use, meaning that employees will not spend much time having to learn about how the system works.

Mobile inventory solutions

Mobile inventory solutions allow for more cohesive, streamlined processes when it comes to a business managing its inventory. Small businesses lose tons of money due to erroneous barcode scanning software, and it is important for small businesses to turn a profit in order to retain their investments.

Easier to use software

RetailCore Software’s barcode scanner inventory software makes it easier for warehouse employees to receive, pick, pack, and ship orders with the ability to scan barcodes on mobile phone devices. Barcodes can be printed for parts, bins, or other assets to any printer. Also, it is easier to keep track of valuable inventory, as the mobile interface tracks cycle count. Moreover, managing day-to-day operations of the warehouse is streamlined through the business’s mobile devices, allowing full control, even when a computer is not nearby. Customer buying online pet products having dog beside her.

Suitable for business of any size

RetailCore’s barcode inventory system is an ideal option for any business of any size due to its versatility. Not only does the system let its owners pick, pack, and ship all of its orders using the built-in barcode system, but it also allows the business’s warehouse team to easily print barcodes for products, bins, and locations with ease. Also, since RetailCore is a cloud-based software, it will allow business owners to easily scale up their capabilities.

Cloud-based inventory management

Cloud-based inventory management works to streamline processes and increase inventory visibility and accuracy. The company reiterates that transparency behind inventory is a key factor in the success of any business. By switching to a cloud-based inventory management software, business owners will be able to have a better grasp of their stock through detailed reporting functions, including lot recall, asset summaries, and cycle counts. Business owners will also be able to validate and verify receiving, picking, packing, and shipping transactions to ensure that orders are not missed, and time will be saved by the printing of detailed product and bin barcodes. Business owners will be provided with real-time reports and analytics such as current inventory, receiving/shipping information, lot/serial number inventory, and user productivity.
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