How to increase your retail sales

New year has knocked on our doors and now is the perfect time to start thinking about the ways to strategically increase retail business in 2020. One of the most important aspect of the retail business is retail sales counter, in which vested is the power of generating more revenue and to enhance customer experience. Some of the lessons which you need to keep in mind to increase retail sales in 2020 are:

  1. Have exceptional online awareness: To increase retail sales, it is mandatory to make sophisticated and neat website which works and functions well. To make a functional website for your retail business, choose a right website platform. Hosting is important because speed is one of the main contributing factors in your Google SEO rankings. Look for the functionality in a website, not the appearance because your ability to increase is based on website’s function, not design. Some of the parameters to build a successful website include search bar, payment gateway, customer log in/portal, FAQ page, and terms and conditions. Two of the things you can do to boost to improve your physical retail shop sales; draw customers to your website and convert them into email subscribers and encourage your customers to visit your physical retail shop. To increase number of customers to you store, make your website active and healthythat motivates people to do business with you. Make your content SEO optimized so that it comes on the top of Google’s search results on a specific phrase related to your business. On search engine, make sure that the location of the store and the timings are clearly mentioned so that the customers can find it is easy to locate the store and visit.
  2. Develop strong marketing strategiesfor retail business:To increase retail sales, build a strategy for converting potential customers into paying clients. The strategycan go like this; user lands on a website, clicks on the products and adds it to cart, he or she does not buy and leaves the website, the user gets an automated reply in the mailbox to complete the purchase, a FB ad appears on the screen to finish the purchase and user comes back to website to complete the order. Marketing strategy include use of social media posts, email newsletters, landing pages, and webinars.
  3. A strong retail marketing strategy goes a long way: To make a retail marketing strategy to work, you must first identify who you are marketing to. Focus on your customer base by strengthening website copy, product descriptions, video-scripts, google search results page, social media content, and newsletters. After you get to know about your customer base properly, master the content for your business to build a loyal fan base. Reach your consume base effectively with blogging and social media. Nowadays, social media activity is the easiest, cost-effective thing to increase your retail sales. Use social media to position yourself as the place to shop and buy.
  4. Increase number of walk-in customers with signage: To bring in more customers, you can get outdoor signage like brick and mortar location, banners, feather flags, etc. Along with some signage, lighting techniques and creative displays can be used to attract customers. You can increase the number of walk-in customers through product education, customer entertainment, or promotional tie-ups. Some form of a sign is important to signal who you are, what you do and what you sell. The key to increasing sales is excellent customer service by listening to customers, educating about the products and offering services.

These are few of core marketing tactics to increase retail sales in this new year!Have any questions? Contact us! Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 83697 23300.

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