How to Grow Your Retail Business

At RetailCore, we are determined to help you grow your garment retail business. We are concerned about your business growth. So, here, we want to give you some tips on how you can grow your garment retail business.

Well, we take for granted that you are already in the garment business, and desire to make it more profitable and scale it to a higher level.

Setting up a business is not a mean task, but growing the business is more difficult especially in the face of stiff competition, and a fast-changing economic environment. It’s even more challenging when you narrow it down to the clothing industry.

Here is a list of 11 tips you can apply to grow your retail garment business.

1. Trend
The clothing industry follows trends. Fashion and trends go together. You should always look out for what is trending. You should always move with the times. There is a saying that if you do not move with the times, they leave you behind. The same is true for the clothing industry. You must ensure that you are aware and in tune with the current fashion trends. Your shop should always be stocked up with the latest and trending attire. You are likely going to get more traffic into your shop if customers know you are always ahead of other competitors.

2. Seasons
Every retail shop should always plan for the season. Take advantage of the season and stock up clothes suitable for the season. Festive periods are a very good time to offer great sales.

3. Promote Quality
Most people indeed buy things out of emotional benefits rather than reason. But you must justify emotional benefits with rational purchase. That is where quality comes in. People don’t like being sold, so they have to justify what they’ve bought with quality. Always maintain high standards and high-quality products in your business. Ensure that what they are getting from you is the best. A customer may not come again if he discovers that he has been sold or ripped off.

4. Use of Promos
There is what is called fear of losing out (FOMO) in marketing. People don’t want to lose out when there is a window of getting things for free or at a very cheap price. Intuitively, people respond to discounts and promos. From time to time, offer a promo within a specific period. Use terms like “Offer lasts for 3 months”, or “Buy 2 and get 1 for free”. It’s a good way of boosting sales.

5. Adverts
Another powerful tool to grow your garment business is adverts. Technology has opened a variety of windows for adverts. Social media is the nearest tool you can take advantage of. Use all the social media handles to promote your business. If you can afford it, create a website where you can display your wares. The internet has made the world a global village. You could reach someone in Africa; you could get orders from South America. You can expand your business beyond your horizon. Advert is key to any business growth.

6. Pricing
Price is a major determinant of sales. If your price is not competitive, it may impinge on your retail business. Make your products affordable. Appropriate pricing results in to increase in sales.

7. Honesty and Integrity
One thing that can easily ruin your business is a lack of trust. When a customer cannot trust you on a particular transaction, his remarks may discourage others from doing business with you. Integrity and honest will help to boost the credibility of your business and will help build customers’ confidence.

8. Compare with your Competitors
Always have an eye on what your competitors are up to. Know what is going on around your business environment. This will help you, monitor, know when to adjust prices, or respond to customers’ needs. Know what your customers are saying.

9. Excellent Customer Relations
The customer is king. Treat each customer as if he is your only customer. Always ensure that a customer leaves your shop satisfied. A satisfied customer tells another customer and tells yet another customer. The circle will continue unending, and your business will continue to grow.

10. Funding
Seek additional funds to open up one or more retail shops around your city. This will enable you to sell at multiple channels and expand your product line to include related brands. Apply the same principles we listed above to the new outlet, and see how your business will sky-rocket

11. Implement new techniques, be Creative
Finally, try introducing new techniques into your business. Be creative. Make use of techniques and applications such as the cloud. RetailCoreEngage with software solution service providers like to reduce the cost of running the business and boost your sales.

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