Dedicated to the service of small-medium business having one retail shop. This software version is available for use as online software from cloud or offline as desktop software. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplace.

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Product with Barcode
Product Damaged/Used
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
RetailCore Cloud Server
Order, Stock, Customer Data Transfer

eCommerce Website

Supplier Management

RetailCore has the tools to determine what past results were acceptable if your current suppliers are really the best choice, and to develop supplier expectation criteria for evaluating suppliers going forward. Monitor supplier / vendor performance, and identify savings opportunities.

From sourcing quality products to vendor management and controlling costs to ensuring the correct quantities of inventory are available to be sold to customers, purchasing management is key to the success of an inventory-centric organization. Knowing the true cost or landed cost of a product is critical for evaluating suppliers. Easy access to full supplier historical data including supplier’s published price, last cost paid, and lead time allow for ongoing evaluation & establishing new vendor expectations.

Questions you may have (FAQ)

How many suppliers can I manage using your software?

With RetailCore you can manage unlimited number of suppliers and it's companies data.

Can I have multiple contact persons of a supplier?

Yes. You can save multiple contact person in of one supplier as well you can save their contact details, designation, birth date.

Can I save multiple GSTIN of one supplier?

Yes. Multiple GSTIN of one supplier can be managed.

Can I save multiple bank accounts of one supplier?

Add multiple bank accounts of one supplier in RetailCore software.

Can I bulk upload my suppliers data from old software into your new software?

Yes. Suppliers data can be bulk uploaded to RetailCore software. In fact data of customer, products, bills, purchase inward etc can also bulk uploaded into RetailCore. We provide data management template in excel file to be used to manage bulk upload. Never the less, you will be provided training from our experts.

Can I track supplier payment forecast?

Yes, you can track amount payable to supplier by invoices, payment due date, up coming payment post-dated cheque.

Can I track post-dated cheque issued to supplier?

Yes, you can track payments and our software can give you alert before and on cheque clearance date.

How can I see supplier wise various sales done to my customers?

Our software provides comparative report on supplier and sales against customers. All reports can be searched and downloadable to excel file.

What type of reports related to supplier are provided by your software?

Supplier wise : payment, product returned, debit note, sales report, product report and more.

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