We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of small-medium business having one retail shop. Single store software version is available for use as online software from cloud or offline as desktop software. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplace website.
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General Questions You May Have (FAQ)

What support do you provide along with software?

Support and service to customer are our core priorities. Our software support team will not just do software installation for you but also provide full software training in detail to you and your staff, software set up for bill and barcode label printing. And we provide unlimited support and training in AMC period.

I like RetailCore POS but don’t know where to start, what should I do next?

Talk to us. We are happy to discuss your questions or concerns so you can make the right decision. We recommend you to talk to us to surely find the way to determine if RetailCore is a good fit for your business. You can take advantage of online demo guided by us personally to you and software trial so you can get all the answers you need.

Can I create multiple companies?

Yes. It is add-on module in RetailCore to create multiple companies and to get separate company-wise reports.

I start with single store and when my business expand to multiple store how can RetailCore software help me?

RetailCore Software is designed to be scalable to adapt when your business grows to multiple branch store or franchise store. You don't have to re-enter all software data, as we can help you upgrade your single store software to manage your multiple store or warehouse. To know more about multiple branch store or franchise store software please click here.

We have internet issue at our shop, does RetailCore work offline?

Yes. RetailCore software can work fully offline. At present hybrid version of RetailCore Software is not available using which you can operate same software online (cloud) and offline (desktop). You can either get RetailCore as fully online software or fully offline software.

Does RetailCore work online?

Yes. If you have a constant internet connection at your retail shop, warehouse or office or location from where you want to use RetailCore software, then you can get online (cloud) version of software.

What is difference between online and offline version of RetailCore?

Online or cloud version of RetailCore is hosted on our server so you don't have to install software on your computer. You require constant internet connection to use online version of software. You can access online version of software from anywhere, and also from outside your shop. Offline version cannot be used from outside your shop but it works without internet connection. It is highly recommended you take regular data backup of your software.

Does RetailCore store data locally as well?

Yes. In case of on premise or offline version of RetailCore, data is stored on your the computer of installation.

What is the minimum system requirements for using RetailCore?

Minimum requirement for computer is to have Core i3 or equivalent processor or higher, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk with Windows 7 or higher OS. Online version of software also works on Mac iOS and Ubuntu. RetailCore can be accessed through a web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10.

Do you also provide hardware?

No. We do not provide hardware. We will totally guide you with all the hardware you require to operate RetailCore Software. RetailCore is designed to work with all major branded hardware. It is recommended to buy hardware from your nearby store for quick support by technician visit.

Can I use my inkjet printer for barcode / qr code label printing?

From inkjet printer you can print bill but barcode or qr code print quality is not of good quality. We recommend Laserjet printer for barcode label printing on A4 sticker paper or dedicated barcode label printer to print on roll paper. Our support team will help you setup print format with printers.

Do RetailCore POS softwre support multiple billing counters?

Yes. RetailCore POS can be setup to operate from multiple computers or counters in same shop. In such scenairo you can setup one software for purchase entry and other computers to do billing.

Can RetailCore work for multiple shops?

Yes. It can work, when you have opted for RetailCore Multiple Location Version to operate your own branch store or franchise store.

How many stores can I create with RetailCore?

RetailCore is designed to be scalable to manage unlimited branche stores or franchise stores. Our software license terms are flexible and you can opt for additional store license when you require.

How much is your software support period?

With all the license of RetailCore software you enjoy one year of dedicated support and training. After one year period, you can consider optiong of AMC care pack for additional one year of dedicated support and software upgrade. AMC is optional and we guarantee for all offline software will continue to work without AMC also.

What if my hard drive or something happens to my computer and I loose my software? What's the process to get it installed again?

For offline version of RetailCore Software, all data and software is on your computer. We strongly recommend that you take regular backup of your software data, and save this at secure location. In case of your hard drive or computer crash, we will help you restore your latest data backup (you have to provide us the backup file); we will also help you assist in software reinstallation provided AMC support period is in force.

As it take time to understand the software till that time will I get help as many time as I want?

One of our goal at RetailCore is to fully support our customer to make best use of our software. So to achieve this goal, we will help you with software training until and software usage guidance whenever you require. You can feel free to call us during office hours, you can email to us anytime.

What is the main difference between you and your competitors? The bottom line?

RetailCore POS softwre is a modern, easy to use POS and retail management platform built by retailers for retailers. We understand the common pain points store owners have with traditional POS systems because we've lived them! We offer flexible and customizable reporting features and inventory management capabilities that allow you to get the highest level of functionality out of your POS software, enabling you to run your business more profitably.

Will RetailCore POS support team help me with setting up required masters for my organization?

Yes, RetailCore POS support team give you training to setup masters for your products, GST slabs.

Can I create all masters through bulk upload option?

Yes. Customer, Supplier, Products, Category, Brands etc masters can be added through bulk upload.

Does RetailCore POS support for online processing of credit / debit card transactions?

No, currently RetailCore POS does not have support for credit card / decit card online processing, still RetailCore POS software allows to record the credit card payment details in sales.

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