We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of small-medium business having one retail shop. Single store software version is available for use as online software from cloud or offline as desktop software. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplace website.
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API for Integrations with Other Software or Website

RetailCore works with other software, ecommerce websites or ERP software, so you don't have to manually update data across various software you use to operate your business. We are happy to support you, talk to us about your specific requirement to know more.

Questions You May Have (FAQ)

What is API?

API in non-programming context simply means that API specifies how different software component should interact, transfer data between each other and more.

I have an online store, will RetailCore integrate with it?

You can discuss your ecommerce requirement with RetailCore support staff. RetailCore connects directly with it's ecommerce platform, so it’s the easiest integration we have when it comes to online shopping carts. RetailCore can be integrated with popular platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart etc. However, we can also talk to your ecommerce developer for specifics of ecommerce technologies used.

Do you provide RetailCore API library?


With how many websites I can integrate RetailCore Software?

Using RetailCore API, software can be integrated with any many websites you want.

Why do I need RetailCore API library?

Using RetailCore API, software can be integrated with your ecommerce website, other ERP or accounting software or online marketplaces. Integration is for automatic update of data records between different softwares. For example, whenever new product is added in RetailCore, it should also be displayed on your ecommerce website with it's price, photos, descriptions, stock quantiy etc. Another scenario is when an item is sold on your ecommerce website, it should also get updated to RetailCore Software with order details.

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