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Customer Loyalty Module

Providing customer service regardless of where customers purchase from your sales channel. As customers purchase from your company across multiple channels, they expect their loyalty or reward points, transactions and inquiries to be handled the same way, regardless of how or where they purchased.

Questions You May Have (FAQ)

Is it compulsory to buy Customer Loyalty Module with RetailCore Software?

Customer Loyalty Module is optional and add-on module. It has to be purchased separately.

How does your Customer Loyalty Module work?

With Customer Loyalty Module you can set reward points againt purchase amount (for example: earn 2 points on spending Rs 150 and 1 point = 1 Rs). You can also set reward point expiry period (for example: reward point expiry in 36 months from earned date). You can also set minimum reward points required for redeemption. Once this is set, it can also be edited when you want. On each shopping points are collected by customers and the same you can see in Reward Points Reports.

Can I make my customer mobile no. as membership ID?

Yes. This is a good idea. As well from our software unique membership ID is generated per customer.

What happens to reward points when customer returns products?

When customer returns products and against same if you issue them credit note or cash refund then set amount of reward points get reduced from customer's account. On usage of credit note buy customer, set amount of reward points are re-earned by customer.

Can I inform customer by SMS about reward points?

Yes. Automatic SMS can be sent to customer when they make purchase as well SMS about reminding them on total points they have.

Can I inform setup OTP to customer during loyalty points are redeemed?

Yes. This is good for security. OTP SMS pack has to be enabled and we can configure to trigger OTP to be sent to customer's phone during loyalty points redeepmtion process.

What alerts and reminders can I get about my customer?

RetailCore Software can be set to give you automatic reminder and alerts in advnace about your customers birthday, anniversary, child's birthday, outstanding payments, reward points expiry etc. You can see these alerts on Dashboard as well as cuustomer can be informed by SMS and email.

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