We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of growing retail business with warehouse, multiple branch or franchise stores. This software version is available for use as online software as cloud or offline as desktop software. Dedicated cloud service is required to sync data between stores. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplaces websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Product with Barcode
Product Damaged/Used
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
RetailCore Cloud Server
Order, Stock, Customer Data Transfer

eCommerce Website
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
Product Damaged/Used


MULTIPLE LOCATION BILLING / POS (Branch or Franchise Store)

Software is designed to operate from multiple branch stores or franchise stores. Give your customers seamless access of your loyalty points across all stores. We understand it is important for you to give quick service to your customers. Software screen is easy to be used by non-computer literate person and it is fast to load product by scanning barcode or by product name or by product code. You can capture customer information or instantly do customer search, and send SMS to customer. Also available as a standalone module to do billing only.

Questions you may have (FAQ)

From how many stores I can do billing?

You can operate RetailCore from multiple stores as per licenses you've purchased.

Can I make retail bill from Warehouse or HO Software?

Yes. You can do retail billing from Warehouse also. In some cases at warehouse can also have retail shop.

Can I access customers data of other stores?

Yes. Your data is synchronized, at set frequency, across multiple stores. Customer making purchase at store A can also return product to store B. RetailCore Software at headoffice will have all the data of all stores.

My franchise can do billing of products other than I supply to him?

Yes. If provided permission at your RetailCore HO / Warehouse version then you can allow billing of products other than you've sold to Franhise store owner.

How many billing counter I can have in my shop?

Yes. You can operate RetailCore from multiple computers and that depends on on the software license you have chosen, you can operate RetailCore from multiple point-of-sale or billing counter in same shop or at different shops.

Will the bill sequence from all POS counter be same or different?

While operating RetailCore Software from same shop and doing simultaneously bill making from multiple POS counter, bill series will be common and in sequence. Our software automatially allocates bill number for a sale.

Can I record salesman while making bill?

Yes. You can input or choose salesman name on billing screen to add sales against that sales person. Report of salesman performance can be also obtained from RetailCore.

Can I put on-going bill on hold and recall it later?

Yes. During bill making, you can put multiple bills of customers on hold and recall them later with RetailCore. In our software multiple tabs can be opened.

Does your software let me track outstanding payment from customer?

Yes. RetailCore is more than a POS software. You can track outstanding payment from your customers, get alert before payment due date and generate receipt against payment made.

Can I make bills from my smartphone?

Yes. You can make unlimited bills from our mobile app for billing. Our billing app can be used on multiple phones in same shops. You can add customer, payment mode, scan barcode or QR code from phone's camera, bill can be printed using wireless printer or you can go paperless by send email to your customer by email.

Can I record multiple payment method in single bill?

Yes. You can very easily add select multiple payment modes for single bill. Customer paying by various digital wallets can be also recorded.

Apart from my product sale, can I record other charges in single bill?

Yes. RetailCore software can be used for service billing. It provides you flexibility to create masters for other services or charges (such as Transport, Packagining, Stitching, Courier etc.) which can be added along with your product billing. Appropriate GST/ Tax is automatically applied.

Can I select different paper size for bill printing?

Yes. Bill format can be preset as per your printing paper size: on A4, A5 or thermal paper (3 inch roll paper). You can choose additional information to be displayed on bill printout such as your marketing message, thank you message, social media links, terms & conditions etc.

Can I preview invoice before printing?

Yes. You can preview invoice before printing or sending. Preview of invoice shall also be disabled if you want instant printing.

Do you integrate with cash drawer?

At present cash drawer doesn't work as plug-and-play device with our software. If you have a special requirement for cash drawer then we can integrate the same under additional work scope.

Can I choose preferred currency with multi currency option?

Yes. Your default and preferred currency can be set.

Can I do billing even if I am not in my shop or office?

If you have opted for RetailCore Cloud version software then of course you can access your software even when you are in your shop or office. You just need a computer or smartphone with internet connection.

Can I enter customer details while making new bill?

Yes. We understand it is important to care of customers in retail sector. With RetailCore software you can know your customer better and improve service to them. During new bill creation you can add customer's details. Also you can also add source of customers to keep track on your marketing investment return.

Can RetailCore software automatically send message to customer after bill?

Yes. RetailCore helps you keep in touch with your customers. With RetailCore Software SMS services or WhatsApp services can be linked to automatically send messages to your customers on ocassion such as : bill details, birthday, other offer messages etc. These messanging services are avaialble as additonally chargable services.

Can I send SMS to customer in local language?

Yes. It is important to speak the language of your customer. RetailCore software can be integrated with third party SMS service provider. SMS language can be also set to languages other than English. On billing screen, automatically SMS can be sent to your customer.

My customer is providing me their GSTIN, can I add it during bill creation?

Yes. Easily you can add your customer's GSTIN during making new sales bill or you can add GSTIN in advance in customer master section. RetailCore software will automatically detect same state sale or other state sale and accordingly IGST or CGST & SGST will be applied on displayed on sale bill print as well as sales reports.

Can I print my product details on bill print out in local language?

Yes. Product details in your local language can be set in RetailCore software and the same can be displayed on the bill print out.

Can I send invoice copy by WhatsApp or email?

You can go paperless. Yes, RetailCore software can be integrated with third party email service provider as well WhatsApp. On billing screen, automatically email or WhatsApp can be sent to your customer with custom message or invoice copy.

What type of discount I can provide to customer?

Customer loves discount. But as a merchant you want to control how much you can give it to your customer. RetailCore software provides smart way to provide discount, set margins and provides alerts when discount is beyond margin. You can give discount on item as well as bill total by % and amount. If your employee is provided with permission to give discount then only he/she can give discount. You are in control, so in reports discount given is shown separately and bill wise.

As admin and owner, can I restrict my employee from giving discounts?

Yes. RetailCore software permission system can be setup for your employee login to prevent your employee from giving discount of any type to customers. In case discount permission is provided to your employee then our smart software will not allow give discoun beyond set limit.

My requirement is to only billing and get sales report. Can I use only billing feature of your software?

Yes. Billing module is also available as a standalone software can be used online or offline as per your requiremnet. All the sales data from software is also available in XLS format. We also provide API library to integrate our billing module with your current ERP or accounting software.

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