We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of growing retail business with warehouse, multiple branch or franchise stores. This software version is available for use as online software as cloud or offline as desktop software. Dedicated cloud service is required to sync data between stores. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplaces websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Inventory Management at Multiple Locations

Get bird's eye view of your inventory levels at all your business locations. Manage and control inventory at multiple locations viz. at your multiple warehouses, branch stores or franchise stores. How can inventory management software help your business? Software helps to know level of inventory, multiple pricing (B2B, B2C), movement of products. Central to all operations, inventory management software facilitates the purchasing process, manages sales, order and warehouse management, and tracks inventory locations and levels, and product availability. This module is also available as standalone module to track only stock-in and stock-out at multiple warehouses and locations.

Questions You May Have (FAQ)

Can I manage and control inventory at my multiple warehouse at different locations?

Yes. RetailCore software is designed to handle inventory and reporting from your multiple warehouse at different places. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted and set alerts are automatically delivered to you.

Can I manage and control inventory multiple level of distribution?

Yes. RetailCore software is designed to also handle inventory and reporting from your multiple warehouse to your distribution center (to unlimited number). As well as software can handle unlimited number of intermediary between your warehouse to your retail store. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted and set alerts are automatically delivered to you.

Can I add my products photos in your sofware?

Yes. You can add multiple photos of your products at warehouse or store. Virtual catalogue of your products can be created in our software. These product photos are available warehoue / HO or at your branch shops for viewing at billing, stock report, inventory. With photo inventory tracking becomes more accurate.

How does RetailCore Multi-Store POS handle inventory?

RetailCore warehouse or HO version of software is central to management of branch stores or franchise stores. Centralized purchase of product happens at warehouse, barcode labeling and stock distribution to branch stores is handeld. Branch store and franchise store can raise PO procure products from HO. HO can view inventory levels at branch stores and franchise stores. Default inventory management is with FIFO method means first entered product will be first out from stock.

Can my one branch or franchise store see another store's inventory data?

RetailCore Warehouse Software can set rule to allow or prevent access of inventory data between branches. If allowed then one branch store (provided employee has permission) can view, search and request data from other branch.

What details about products I can manage at RetailCore Warehouse Software?

You can control your inventory levels with the setup of right alerts for reorder, low stock level, expiry of product. To organize your products and get you accurate performance reports, RetailCore can manage major attributes for products such as color, brand, size, material, category, sub-category, UQC etc. These inventory attributes can vary based on your sector such as supermarket, automobile, cosmetics etc. At software dashboard as well as in reports product low stock and out of stock alerts are displayed automatically.

Can I know which are my oldest unsold stock?

Yes. We have designed Aging Reports to help you find out products are that oldest and unsold. You can choose days older as per your requirement and can easily generate stock aging report.

Can I add wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) selling price for my product?

Yes. RetailCore provides simple way add wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) selling price for your products. Our customers use this pricing feature in some scenarios such as: seller want to apply B2B price after certail hours of the day or they sell to bulk buyers (retailers) as well as to consumer (B2C).

Can I add my product expiry date, manufacturing date and batch no.?

Yes. Total control over your inventory is possible with RetailCore. Automatic alerts are also provided to you before product expiry date. These is especially suitable for supermarket or grocery store.

Can I have a secret code for each product that only we can understand?

Yes. A secret code with set logic (for example: on cost price or profit margin) can be generated from RetailCore Software and same can be displayed on your product label.

How can I handle products that is lost or damaged or I give as free samples?

You can take into account products that you give as a sample to customers or self consume. At RetailCore you can get separate report of all the products stock out as sample, gift, damanged or lost.

I have thousands of existing printed barcodes from my old POS software, can I use these with RetailCore?

Yes. Existing barcodes can be scanned into the supplier or manufacturer barcode or SKU in the product profile page, so you won’t have to generate new ones from scratch. You can also easily bulk upload your old product data into our software using our excel file.

Can I check my inventory details when I am not in shop or at warehouse?

Yes. Superadmin at warehouse can see all inventory reports. And when you are not at your HO or warehouse then you can login to software view inventory from any computer with internet connection.

Can I use only inventory managment module?

Yes. If you do not want to use Purchase and Sales module, then RetailCore is avaialble as standalone software to manage only inventory at multiple warehouses, track stock-in and stock-out with or without barcode and QR code. We also provide our software API so that your current ERP software such as Tally can be integrated with RetailCore provided you have support on API integration from your ERP provider.

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