We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of growing retail business with warehouse, multiple branch or franchise stores. This software version is available for use as online software as cloud or offline as desktop software. Dedicated cloud service is required to sync data between stores. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplaces websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Product with Barcode
Product Damaged/Used
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
RetailCore Cloud Server
Order, Stock, Customer Data Transfer

eCommerce Website
Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
Product Damaged/Used


Discount, Promotion Management

Apply discount offers across various stores. Promote offers with customers with CRM software.

Questions You May Have (FAQ)

What types of offers I can set?

With RetailCore setting promotion offers is flexible and in your control. You can set flat discount on product for limited or unlimited time; you can set combo offers such as buy X get Y free; you can set flat discount offers on total purchase.

Can I generate coupon code?

Yes. You can generate unqiue coupon code with one time usage as well as common coupon code for multiple time usage with set validity, discount amount apply same offer at Warehouse or HO Software or you can apply different offer across stores.

Can I set same offers to be applied at all stores?

Yes. You can apply same offer at Warehouse or HO Software or you can apply different offer across stores.

Can I stop any ongoing offers?

Yes. With RetailCore you can suspend or cancel ongoing discount offers.

Can I send promotional message to my customers about upcoming and ongoing offers?

Yes. You promote your offers by sending bulk SMS to your customers from RetailCore. You can also send message in your local language to your customers.

To set discount offer, do I require to change current barcode label?

It is not compulsory to change barcode label to apply discount on offer. Because by applying discount offer on your product RetailCore do not change your product barcode or product code.

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