We take care of software consulting, installation, setup with your hardware, software training and regular support. Dedicated to the service of growing retail business with warehouse, multiple branch or franchise stores. This software version is available for use as online software as cloud or offline as desktop software. Dedicated cloud service is required to sync data between stores. RetailCore is engineered to scale your business, and can be integrated with eCommerce website and marketplaces websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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Sale, Stock, PO Data Transfer
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RetailCore Warehouse software is designed to view reports of all branch and franchise stores. Software generates reports with aim to help business owners make informed decision on various performance aspect of your business such as which products to buy from which suppliers; which customers are more loyal; which are most profitable products, suppliers; various tax reports.

Questions you may have (FAQ)

Can I use RetailCore reports with other software?

Yes. All reports from RetailCore software can be downloaded to excel file which then can be used with any software of your choice. Optionally Retailcore API can be used to integrate with other software.

Can I get reports delivery to my email?

Yes. Under addtional support, we can customize RetailCore to automatically deliver reports at set freqency to your email address.

Can I analyze customer data with RetailCore POS Software?

With RetailCore POS Software your customer details and sales reports can be retrieved efficiently, and organize the information into reports with customized categories for comparisons and applying the data to future planning.

What type of reports are provided about my customers?

Various performance and accounting report are available such as sales to customer, loyalty points (if you've opted for Loyalty / Reward module), credit note, outstanding and balance payment, upcoming birthday, and many more. You can always contact us for any type of reporting requirement.

Can I create a customized report for all the transactions?

To create a customized report, go to Reports section and select the specific parameters that you are looking for. You can also change the columns, which you want to keep in the report and which you want to add.

Can I generate Stock Aging Report from RetialCore Software?

Yes. Stock Aging Report can be easily generated with option for you to set how much older stock you want to see. This report is very important for you to move oldest stock, generate revenue and to make decision (sale) on oldest inventory.

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